Come again another day Little children want to play, Frhaine, Frhaine, go away

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I promise to be honest with myself.


ahaha I’m impressed with myself lol

ahaha I’m impressed with myself lol


Aghnn… goddammit… I want more~!!

My friends are so cute >D< We had to take pictures on the CR because the classrooms are occupied D:

Pictures taken by ate Kay~ :3

I wish I had appropriate socks lol D:



I shouldn’t be enjoying this O///////////O


Highlight of today!

I finally met my online friend, Erica, who happens to be my closest classmate (Gege)’s best friend!! Eeeeh~~ She’s more active than I imagined. ^^ We had blueberry-dip ice cream~ Kyeee~ \(>D<)/

She also kept telling me how she loves my art even though she’s the better artist?!?!?!? (I remember several times when I had suicidal thoughts because I envied her art so fucking much.)

Erica’s drawing is the one on top. Gege’s drawing is the one on the right. Mine is the one in the bottom left.

I’m surrounded by awesome artist friends!!! ;A;

Pictures taken by Gege. <3