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Highlight of today!

I finally met my online friend, Erica, who happens to be my closest classmate (Gege)’s best friend!! Eeeeh~~ She’s more active than I imagined. ^^ We had blueberry-dip ice cream~ Kyeee~ \(>D<)/

She also kept telling me how she loves my art even though she’s the better artist?!?!?!? (I remember several times when I had suicidal thoughts because I envied her art so fucking much.)

Erica’s drawing is the one on top. Gege’s drawing is the one on the right. Mine is the one in the bottom left.

I’m surrounded by awesome artist friends!!! ;A;

Pictures taken by Gege. <3

&#8220;Blue Book&#8221;
I actually like these sketches D:

Blue Book

I actually like these sketches D:

When my classmates had to report about Medieval Philosophy, they also had to tackle the philosophers’ beliefs. Since Medieval Philosophy was anthropocentric, one of the reporters (who’s a bigoted Christian guy (who also happens to be a misogynist)) had to explain that the philosophers “got too arrogant and thought highly of themselves” for rejecting the idea of God.

At that time, I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell to the class.


Time is a concept invented by humans. 

If humans can invent an idea as powerful as time, what would make it difficult to conceptualize the idea of an almighty deity?

It’s easy to scare people. It’s what makes them so easy to deceive and manipulate. People are weak and would rather choose to be ruled by an idea that was conceptualized by ancient people to overwhelm their fellow people and make them believe that they are powerless without this deity.

To say that humans are arrogant for believing in themselves is simply atrocious. Just because another person is not limited by the walls of religion doesn’t mean you can belittle or criticize them in your biased ideas.